10. Factory History


Panel  1

The Transformation of the factory

Görkem Akgöz, Back into the Factory: Writing Theory and Practice of the Industrial Workplace into21st Century History and Social Theory

Lars K. Christensen, Between Fordism and unionism. Industrial relations at Ford Motor Company A/S in Denmark, 1919-1966

Jarmo Peltola, The development of production process and labor relations at Finlayson’s Cotton Mill in Tampere Finland, 1820-1918

Onur Can Taştan, Factory Regime and the Evolution of Workplace Union Organization: The Çayırova Plant in Turkey, 1963-1980

Discussant: Nico Pizzolato


Panel 2 : Factory workers and the state

Asli Odman, Ford Motor Company Export Inc., İstanbul 1925-1944 as a place of work, spatial enclave and territorial condensation

Jorge Fontes, The Setenave shipyard: from workers' control to social pact

Rory Archer and Goran Musić, The single factory case study in late-socialism. Methodological considerations from Yugoslavia in the 1970s and 1980s

Erol Ülker, Class, Nation, and Workers: The Silahtarağa Power Plant in Istanbul, 1914-1928

Discussant: Marcel van der Linden


Panel 3 : The Production of Politics and the Politics of Production on the Shop Floor

Dimitros Kopanas, Printing for the Greek State: The Aspiotis-ELKA Graphic Arts Company

Kostas Paloukis, Lanaras factory and the neighborhood of Peristeri, Athens: political and cultural ruptures of a new labor generation in interwar period

Niccolo Serri, Unemployment welfare and industrial conflict in post-war Italy: the use of wage integration at Alfa Romeo Arese 1968-1987

Gülhan Balsoy, Female Workers, Tobacco Industry and Medicine: Gendered Experience of Work at Cibali Tobacco Factory

Discussant: Leda Papastefanaki


Panel 4: Labour relations and the production process

Özgür Balkılıç, Negotating the Terms of Running the Factory: The Worker’s Invasion of the Türk DemirDöküm Factory, 1969

Matt Myers, The factory and the city – The methodological possibilities of factory-level analysis in the case of the Cowley car-factory, Oxford

Irina Shilnikova, Labour stimulation of Soviet textile workers during the first five-year plan (1928-1932): Factory level analysis

Karl Lauschke, The iron and steel plant in Bremen. A case study

Discussant: Richard Croucher