3. Military Labour between XV and XX Century

First Session: Military labour beyond soldiers

Discussant: TBC

Fabrizio Ansani (University of Padua), Smiths, Gunners and Apothecaries in the War Production of Renaissance Florence

Inês Meira Araújo (University of Lisbon), Manufacturing the war: Armourers and arms production in Portugal (15th - 16th centuries)

Otto Aura (University of Elsinki), From preparation to practice – Military labour in Finland 1920-1944

Fia Sundevall (University of Stockholm), Gender divisions of military labour: the case of Sweden 1800–2000



Second Session: From soldiers of fortune to mass armies

Discussant: TBC

Michele Maria Rabà (ISEM – CNR), From terrazzani at arms to fanti eletti. Patrons, clients, territorial self-defense and military professionalism in Piedmont and Lombardy in the second phase of the Italian Wars

Gulay Yilmaz (Akdeniz University), Military Levies of the Ottoman Empire (Devshirmes) Used as Unfree Laborers in the Palace Gardens during the 16th and 17th Centuries

Richard H. Tomczak (Stony Brook University), To be ordered upon Corvées’: French Canadian Laborers in Lieutenant General John Burgoyne’s Army and the Early Modern British Fiscal Military State, 1774-1778

Akin Sefer (Northeastern University), Conscription and Labor in the Ottoman Imperial Arsenal in the 19th Century

Marco Rovinello (University of Naples, Suor Orsola Benincasa), Fighting for a Living in Liberal Italy: Draftees and Substitutes in the Italian Army (1861-1914)

Jacopo Lorenzini (University of Siena), Gentlemen (and bandits) to professionals. A social, cultural and ideological portrait of the Italian military élite from the Risorgimento to the Great War



Plenary discussion