15. Rural Migrations: Labour, Environment and Society

Michele Nani (ISEM-CNR, Roma), Walter Tucci (Cliomedia Officina, Torino), Introduction: Rural mobilities

Manos Perakis (University of Crete), The long-run (1830-1913) movement of the population of Crete from the highlands to the lowlands

Karl-Heinz Wüstner (Historical Society for Württemberg-Franconia, Schwäbisch Hall), How German Migrants Influenced Eating and Food Consumption Habitsas Pork Butchers in 19th Century Industrial Great Britain

Marco Meotto (Centro di Documentazione Storica Circoscrizione 5, Città  di Torino), Continuity and discontinuity in migration patterns in the Western Alps: the case of Valle Varaita at the end of the XIXth century

Luciano Maffi – Marco Rochini (Catholic University Milan), Rural migrations in the diocese of Tortona in the XVIII century

Kateryna Burkush (EUI, Firenze), Alternative Mobilities: Peasant Agency in the Ukrainian Village. During the Population Resettlement Campaign in 1949-1954


16:30-17:15: Second session: Questions and answers about single papers and general discussion


17:15-18:15: Second session: Building a rural migration network?