The Italian Society of Labour History (SISLav)

The creation of SISLav has taken place in a period of sustained international interest in labour-related issues, favoured by the awareness that the structural causes of the economic crisis lie in the increase in social inequality and in the deterioration of workers’ rights and their material and juridical conditions.

Moreover, more refined research methodologies, better preservation and use of  sources, and the enormous growth of experiences and contributions make historical reflection on the world of labour relevant to understanding the on-going processes of social, cultural, political and institutional transformation.

SISLav embraces interdisciplinary and diachronic approaches, and seeks to investigate labour history in the long-term, in order to shed light on the continuities, discontinuities, and dynamics by which multiple types of labour relations intertwined with the formation of social groups, identities, social and political behaviours, forms of organization and the brokerage of conflicting interests.

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