German Labour History Association

Founded in 2017, the German Labour History Association addresses all people interested in labour history – inside and outside the universities, inside and outside historiography – and invites especially students and young researchers to contribute. It promotes research, presentation, documentation and educational work on the history of work, the history of the labor movement and all social movements. It constitutes a platform in order to bring projects together in workshops and conferences.

The Institute for Social Movements Studies, Bochum-ISB

Based on its specialised library, the Institute was founded in 1980 as “Institute for Research on the History of European Workers’ Movements”. During the following years, the Institute made itself known as one of several German centres for research and teaching on social movements. The activities of the Institute are based on long-term interdisciplinary cooperation with the Ruhr-University. In the international context the Institute is particularly committed to the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI), the European graduate School for Training in Economic and social historical Research (ESTER) and the International Conference of Labour and Social History.

Association for the Promotion of Research on the Labour Movement

The Association for the Promotion of Research on the Labour Movement is a non-partisan scholarly association dedicated to the promotion of research on German and international Labour History. The association organizes conferences, discussions and other events on a regular basis and publishes the triannual scholarly journal Arbeit – Bewegung Geschichte (Labour – Movement – History, formerly known as Jahrbuch für Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung (Yearbook on Labour History, 2002-2015).