Red Española de Historia del Trabajo

The Spanish Network of Labor History (REHT) is an informal platform for contact between those who work on the history of work in Spain in its multiple aspects. It is integrated into the European Labor History Network (ELHN). It establishes formal contact between research groups in which the history of the work is framed within their main objectives. It promotes the sharing of information and contact between those who are dedicated to researching the history of work in Spain. It develops a database, from which you can access and download publications and documents on the topic. It develops specific training in labor history for young researchers.

El Grup de Recerca “Treball, Institucions i Gènere” (T.I.G.), Universitat de Barcelona

The Research Group “Work, Institutions and Gender” (T.I.G.) is a Research Group Consolidated by the Generalitat de Catalunya since 2001. It is a member of the Department of History and Archeology, a section of Contemporary History of the University of Barcelona. It develops various lines of collective research.