4. New Directions in Imperial Labour History


Gareth Curless & Yann Béliard: welcome

Gareth Curless, Introduction

Session 1: Beyond British Imperialism

Steven McClellan (Toronto, Canada), Bourgeois social reform and Empire: The Verein für Sozialpolitik and the Problem of Labour as a Global Issue, 1890-1924

Virginia Amarosi (Federico II Napoli, Italy), Labour and Law in Africa in the early 20th century



Session 2: India

Aparajita Mukhopadhyay (Salisbury, USA), Railway labour in colonial India

Sugata Nandi (West Bengal, India), Turbulent men ? Violence and the masculine factory worker in Colonial India, 1890-1947

Marine Béllego (EHESS, France), Working in Calcutta's botanical garden under colonial rule

Poulomi Dasgupta (Franklin, Switzerland), Labour in India : Lessons from the colonial period



Session 3: Britain's “White Colonies”

Marie Ruiz (Paris Diderot, France), Australia, “the paradise of the working woman” for 19th century British female emigrant workers

Steven Parfitt (Nottingham, UK), Global Labour on the Fringes of Empire: The Kinghts of Labour of South Africa

Duncan Money (Oxford, UK), White labour migration and the 1944-46 wildcat strikes on the Zambian Copperbelt



Session 4: East Africa

Luke Messac (Pennsylvania, USA), Drugs for the tengatenga: The beginnings of government medicine in British Nyasaland's carrier service during the First World War

Spencer Mawby (Nottingham, UK), Cold War College: Training African trade-unionists in Uganda at the end of empire

Dave Hyde (East London, UK), Plantation struggles in Kenya's Kericho Valley 1957-65: The origins and rise of the Tea Plantation Workers' Union



Session 5: What place for the metropole?

Yann Béliard (Paris 3, France), Presentation of forthcoming book: “Labour and Decolonisation. The British Experience” (LUP, 2016)

Quentin Gasteuil (ENS / Cachan, France), Towards a Labour Policy for the Empire? The Labour Party Advisory Committee on Imperial Questions between the two World Wars, 1918-1940



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